Confirmation bias The greatest lesson learned i…

Confirmation bias

The greatest lesson learned is that people are locked in their own heads. This seems obvious. Everyone has their own perspective. What is less obvious is that perspective is not chosen, its innate. It’s not as if every person was born, given a set of optional world views and then consciously chooses the one that suits them. Perspective forms and grows as the person grows up, influenced by family and friends. Perspective becomes integral to who a person is; you can wholly describe a person by describing how that person sees the world. There’s no such thing as detachable, plug-n-play world views.

My writing teachers would tell me over and over again that I need to understand my audience. This point was always lost on me. To me, writing was expository in that I was laying down the facts. Facts are universal, understood by all. What I’ve come to understand is that what is fact to me may be fiction or inconsequential to another.

If I’m interested in imparting my opinion and world view on others, I would need to find a method for changing the world view of others. The brute force method of hammering out ‘facts’ would not do the job.

The challenge when working with others is to understand their perspective and to understand that their perspective is big part of who they are. If I want that other person to see the fact of something I see, I need to understand their point of view. While their point of view is integral to who they are, how can I make my point without butting up against who they are? Once I answer that question, I can frame my argument for them.


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