Russian Ark – going in

I saw a review of this movie on Ebert and Roeper a couple weeks ago that perked my interest. The movie is a single take, continuous 90 minute scene.

There’s a good chance this won’t be a good movie in the sense that Braveheart, Empire Strikes Back and Casablanca are good. It may be more like watching acrobatics. The drama (or comedy) in the show isn’t why you watch. You watch for the ‘gimmick’ that isn’t really a gimmick as much as an newly discovered tool to entertain.

Each discipline seems to have at least two major areas of concern. Content (which is usually broken down further in more granular sub-groups) and the ‘Tools of the trade’. Economics has micro/macro as its content and things like econometrics as its tools. These two areas feed off each other. Discovery in the content area eventually hits a wall that requires new tools. The tools then are invented. Clever use of the tools discovers new content and so on.

This pattern occurs all the time in science… Looking at smaller and smaller things required better and better microscopes and the better microscopes allowed for unexpected discoveries.


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