gre practice test I – results

I just plain ran out of time in the math section and my scores show:

Verbal – 620 (88 %tile)

Quantitative – 640 (62 %tile)

My GRE scores from 6 years ago were:

Verbal – 570 (78 %tile)

Quantitative – 760 (84 %tile)

These results and the change in scores tell me a couple things:

– My vocabulary has grown over the years

– I’ve gotten worse at taking tests (I only answered 2/3rds of the math questions)

For my test on the 11th of next month, I’ll spend most of my time reviewing math. During the practice test, I spent a lot of time deriving geometric short-hands like: the hypotenuse of a right triangle with 60 and 30 degree angles is 2x, while the other two sides are √3x and x.

UPDATE: In reviewing the essays, I’m pretty embarassed by the response to the letter to the editor. Did I write that?!


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