Theists aren’t as rational as they think

Dinesh D’Souza makes the argument that atheists ignore Kant’s observation that there are limits to our ability to understand reality. Essentially, we’re limited by our five senses, but there is no reason to believe that there are not aspects of reality that are invisible to our senses. Therefore, there may be aspects of reality unknowable by us humans. Fine.

To me, this argument shows that there is room for god and spirituality (and Santa Claus and the Easter bunny), but it does not prove god’s existence. To say something may exist is not to prove its existence.

Anyway, I don’t think ‘brights’ are actively trying to disprove the existence of god. It would be convenient to do so, as we wouldn’t spend as much time defending our POV. We just insist on a positive proof of his/her/its existence. Until we get it, we’ll busy ourselves observing with the only senses we got.


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