Republican’s lie… yep, and so do Democrats and Independents

Would it be unkind of me to mention that the three “virtuous” conservatives mentioned in the article (Limbaugh, Schlessinger, and Bennett) were not, in fact, appointed to any post by now president Bush. These are conservative pundits that happen to be hypocrites… Perhaps, in Britain, were the Guardian finds its home, the government appoints mouth pieces and the entire social discourse is controlled from the top, but here in America that doesn’t happen. There is no connection between the actions of these people and the present administration.

What exactly was the point of this “special report”? If its to point out that the human race contains hypocrites and liars, then I have its support. If it attempts to show a special relationship between Republicans and hypocrisy by mentioning Bush’s name in the same article as the accused three, then I can only point out that human nature is not partisan.

No matter how much Liberals want to think otherwise, Republicans are humans. Humans lie.


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