It’s done!

I scored 780 on the math section and… well, actually I was so excited I forgot my verbal score. Dumb ass. I think it was in the low 600’s, 620, 640 or something. Anyway, I’ll know for sure in a couple weeks when they send the score report.

What a long, hard slog that was. The sneaky bastards snuck in an extra verbal section. I think the extra section doesn’t count in your score. ETS uses it to test new questions. The bad news is you don’t know which of the two sections was the ‘real’ one. I repeat, bastards!

Next step, complete my math and econ courses. From the Berkeley Grad program guide:

“Applicants must have knowledge of multivariate calculus, basic matrix algebra, and differential equations; completion of a two-year math sequence, which emphasizes proofs and derivations, should provide adequate preparation. All applicants are expected to have completed intermediate math-based economic theory courses. Further education in economics and economic theory is helpful, but not required. Finally, some knowledge of statistics and elementary probability is highly desirable.”

This quarter, I’m busy getting an A in Math 1b at DeAnza College. (Cocky, you think?) I plan to finish the 1 series of Calculus (which includes Multivariable Calculus) this academic year. They offer linear algebra and differential Calculus as separate classes but I’m not sure if the community college will have an emphasis on “proofs and derivation”. I’ll need to decide if I should take that course at a state college or a UC. Additionally, I’m not sure about what Economics courses I need.

Of course, now that I’m not studying for the GRE, I’ll begin reading more Economics books and such (in addition to the weekly Economist ritual). I’ve Amazoned Krugman‘s book. It sits upon my pile. In case that pile is looking dangerously small (not likely), Mike Moffatt has a list of books that are useful for folks like me (i.e. the sort that wanna go to grad school for econ). And there’s more.


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