Why grad school?

  • to teach
  • to learn
  • to make a contribution
  • to be innovative
  • to understand
  • to work with ideas

I need to show capability, motivation and focus. It’s important that I’m a good fit with the program, that people can work with me and that I’m able to work independently.

My GRE scores show my capability. Capability is a relative attribute. I must be as or more capable than other candidates. As a normalized score, the GRE can do that. By leveling the playing field, the GRE demonstrates that I’m in at least the 86th percentile in both major areas that the test measures. Each score is good, but the combined score shows that I’m a balanced in my abilities. I could not find correlation data for quantitative and verbal scores, but this page puts my combined score at the 99.7 percentile (which seems high when you compare my scores against other prospective econ students… see this data set).


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