Intro, redux

My motivation to enter UC Davis’ Economics PhD program is centered on my desire to make a lasting impact on the world. The methods of economists are very attractive to the scientist in me while the subject of economics (e.g. people) appeal to my humanistic side. As a creative outlet, the. The people that listen to economists are people like politicians, policy makers and business people. Economists have a strong influence on the workings of the world.

Hope is my motivation. Hope sustains me. Naive hope required me to have blind faith in our leaders. All else equal, they would always make the correct decisions, especially regarding the most important problems facing society. Naive hope required me to believe that teachers had the power to ensure there students left their classes being able to make the proper choices in life. Maturity and experience have proved how naive that type of hope is. For hope doesn’t spring from society exogenously. Hope is in the system. As an agent in the machine, it is my duty to foster it. I have to help decision makers make better decisions. I have to be a teacher.

… well, i’m glad that’s out of my system, ick.


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