On to sophomore calculus…

I got an A in the third, and last, quarter of freshman calculus. Great, I’ve proven that my Math skills haven’t been lost in the 7 years since I last took freshman calculus. Maybe I should go ride a bike to see if I can still do that, too.

Anyway, my math prep continues with Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus classes. After the first week, all is well. Both classes are taught be aerospace geeks, so that’s fun. (Lot’s of jokes about proofs not being rocket science. “I should know!” har, har, har.)

Craig Newmark, guest blogging on MR, makes the point that econ PhD applicants “should be well prepared in math.” He points to Susan Athey, who says ” Real analysis is an especially important,” which is nice considering my recent discovery of that topic.

I have to find myself in a analysis course one of these days. If I get in the Davis program, I’ll take Professor Sargent’s advise and take math classes on the side. If I don’t get into the Davis program, I’ll get a math degree from a CSU (San Jose?).


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