Who’s Steven Landsburg?

Steven Landsburg will be guest blogging at Marginal Revolution (one of my favorite sites). I used Google Desktop Search to search my computer (including RSS feeds in Outlook retreived by Newsgator) for mentions of this guy. Of the six results (Six! I’ve never heard of this guy before!)I ran into this article by Brad DeLong (another favorite).

The article is about the earned income tax credit and the minimum wage. Prof. DeLong argues for a balanced approach of income redistribution (a little with the EITC and a little with the minimum wage).

Why do I bring all this up? Well, this amazing mix of technologies (blogs, rss feeds, google and outlook) came together seemlessly to augment a conversation my Dad and I had the other day about the EITC (I just forwarded him, via email, the DeLong piece).

I’m in awe of the power at my finger tips!

UPDATE: Ran the same google desktop search… Now, there’s 7 results for Steven Landsburg. The Google app has already indexed my email forward to my dad.

UPDATE 2: Now there’s 8… I’ve subscribed to my own blog and Newsgator picked up this article.


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