Fun facts about Will

Classes in progress:

  • Real Analysis (95%, 110% on midterms)
  • Linear Algebra (100%, 93%)
  • Math Stat (92%, 98.5%)
  • German Lit (A on mid-term paper and class particapation)

Classes next semester:

  • Stochastic process
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Complex Analysis
  • Measure and probability
  • Math in History and Culture
  • International economics


  • Finished second in the annual HSU integration bee
  • Math colloquium [1 hour/week]
  • Math club [1 hour/week]
  • Math/biometrics tutor [2 hours/week]
  • One-on-one tutoring with Prof. Haag covering computational and abstract aspects of linear programming (e.g. simplex method, convex sets, duality, etc) [1 hour/week]
  • Informal tutoring in Linear Algebra and Math Stat [2 hours/week]

Grad schools I’m thinking about applying to:

  • Chicago
  • Berkeley
  • Stanford
  • UCLA
  • UCSD
  • UC Davis

My resume.


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