Realists vs. liberal internationalist vs. the Bush Doctrine

Norman Podhoretz has a nice narrative in Commentary magazine that explains the situation in Iraq and the President’s words and actions in relation to various schools of thought. He draws a nice parallel between the discourse regarding President Truman’s doctrine and the current discourse on the Bush doctrine. Ultimately, the Bush doctrine represents a completely new way to look at foreign affairs that threatens traditional points of view (realists on the right and liberal internationalists on the left). Mr. Podhoretz believes that the President will continue on the path to implement his doctrine.

As he points, most voices are aligned against the President with even some of the most ardent Iraq war proponents switched sides in recent months. Assuming the critics are wrong and the President is right, how can we win a war of ideas (as surely the war on terror is) if the ideas aren’t being loudly defended?

Anyway, read the whole thing, as they say.


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