What good is slashdot?

My friend comments on a recent post on slashdot regarding charing family/friends for tech support.

In general, I find the conversation on slashdot to be similar to what he describes. I read the headline, decide my own point of view and then go to the comments to get my pov confirmed. This doesn’t seem to be the case with more technical posts outside my own area of knwoledge. In this case, slashdot is good at helping me learn about a technology that I didn’t know anything about. Example, the recent post on spyware vulnerabilities in Firefox. I learned that Firefox, while be architected from the ground up to be less vulnerable to spyware attackes (especially the kind that don’t involve vulnerabilities in the browser), it is not invulnerable to this sort of attack.

Thus, I don’t find myself clicking through on my slashdot rss feed much anymore. If the title doesn’t suggest the post is about some technology that I’m unfamilar with, then I pass the post by. There’s no use getting my back scratched, I know my pov.

UPDATE: Blame it on the flu… I had to go back to re-edit this post 5 times to fix various grammatical errors. I give up, they’re there and I don’t care.


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