Tools stumbled upon…

S5 Web-based powerpoint replacement

I’ve been replacing Microsoft tools one by one lately… IE was replaced by firebird ages ago. Second went Outlook, replaced by thunderbird (and sunbird… sorta, I don’t do much calendaring as a student). Then, I taught myself the Latex typesetting system to replace Word. For class, I started using Matlab… I’m starting to think that can replace Excel.

Trac project management

Trac looks interesting for project management. It combines wikis, a ticket management system and source code control. I recently installed subversion to keep track of assignments… pretty cool… I use TortoiseSVN, a windows shell extension, to check documents in/out of the subversion repository


This isn’t really new to me… I got tired of itunes. Actually, I take that back. I love itunes. I hate DRM. I used hymn to unlock all the music I bought on itunes (over 700 tracks) and then imported all my music to winamp’s library using this tool. Plus, with this plugin, I can manage my ipod in winamp. I still have itunes installed, but for how much longer?


Nice for finding new music… Hard to describe why, but I love this site.

password generator

Clever little javascript for managing passwords… I use it for every site I have to login to.


Here’s another one that’s hard to explain, but that I really love. Basically, this tool (for firebird) allows you to edit others’ webpages at will. Look here for some cool applications of the tool. Among others, I have the amazon2melvyl and google scholar monitor scripts installed.

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