News from Iraq

The reaction in parliament to Bush’s speech:

Despite being concerned about security developments, the people were very interested in learning about the new strategy of president Bush but since the speech was aired at 5 am in Baghdad, the morning has seen a rush to radio and TV to find out what the president had said.

A few hours later a flood of comments from Iraqi politicians filled the media here and maybe the earliest and most interesting argument was the one that took place between Abdul Kareem Al-Inizi of the UIA (from a branch of the Dawa party that split from the original Dawa of Jafari and Maliki) and Mithal al-Alusi during yesterday’s session of the parliament.

Al-Inizi said “Iraq is not an American state and Bush must consult with us before making such decisions about sending troops…” to which al-Alusi responded by saying “We have an elected prime minister and he was consulted…you and others like yourself wouldn’t be sitting here had America not helped us. They are trying to protect this democracy and they possess what they can offer to help us with the security situation, but what do you have?? Cut the nonsense, ok? Do you think the parliament wants to vote about this? Fine, let’s ask everybody if they want such voting…”

There was only silence in the hall after this and no one said another word about voting.

Iraq the Model is great for the inside view of things in Iraq. The writers there are generally pro-America/government/optimists, but I wouldn’t call them stooges. If you’re looking for other points of view inside Iraq, here’s a post at another great site that links to various Iraqi reactions to Saddam’s execution.


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