I don’t care who you are…

…abortion is gross. And if you want this point driven home, listen to these Supreme Court oral arguments.

About minute 35 Chief Justice Roberts asks, “So we just say your hypothetical about extraction of the [fetus’] leg it seems to be would not be covered by the statute.” Once, Roberts slips and calls the fetus a “baby” and all of the participants describe the killing of the fetus as its “demise.”

Hearing such a cool discussion of these gruesome facets of partial abortions evokes two emotions: First, I felt outrage that there should be any question as to what is legal or not, what is right or wrong with the acts that are being described (e.g. “the doctor only uses disarticulation when it’s necessary to clear an obstruction because the continued extraction”). Second, I felt pride that we have a system were such facts can be discussed coolly and thoughtfully, where all parties should leave the proceedings feeling their side was heard and that a fair judgment will be handed down.

That said, the state’s rights discussion starting at about minute 18.5 was interesting in that the Court seems somewhat awkward discussing the topic. I got the distinct impression that the Justices all know that the original principles of state’s rights have been violated, but that they’re stuck with this strange interpretation of the Commerce Clause. They don’t allow cameras in the Supreme Court, but I imagine if they did we’d have seen a few bitten lips on the one side and a shared knowing glance or two on the other.


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